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How to manage negative blog comments

Getting blog comments is always something to look forward to…unless of course they’re spam or unnecessarily critical. Here are some tips for creating a strategy to deal with the inevitable negative comments you’ll face at some point.

How important is your blogging environment?

Just like your working environment, your blogging environment is important for your physical wellbeing, peace of mind, and most importantly, your productivity as a blogger. If you are blogging from an inadequate setup, you are likely to suffer in more … Continue reading

Supercharge Your Blog For Better SEO

Have a wonderful blog that is weak in mastership, lacks fervor and realistically needs a wake-up call? Below I’ve constructed some timely links, advice and knowledge which has put every blog I’ve made over the top. Feel free to copy … Continue reading

How to Write Better Guest Posts

Many bloggers will guest post on other blogs to gain exposure and widen the audience for their own blog. As with writing in general, a few pointers will help guest bloggers write better posts that will attract more readers, as … Continue reading

Generating titles for your blog posts – Stay away from the BOX to think out of the box

If you are working as a professional writer, or running a small set of blogs, where you always looking for some interesting topics to write on, on daily basis, you will be familiar with the annoyance that can make you … Continue reading