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Why your videos should always have transcripts

Video has long been established as a professional media format for the web industry. Beyond the average consumer dose of cute cat videos and big brand advertising, videos have become the norm for case studies, interviews, demonstrations, how-tos, and much … Continue reading

So, You Want To Be A Freelance Writer? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

If you want to be a writer, but want to work for a variety of people, you might consider freelancing. There are now more people than ever working for themselves, and you could benefit by joining them. Of course, before … Continue reading

3 tips for creating meaningful content

Whether you’re new to writing web content or you’ve been doing it for decades, you can still pick up tricks and tips to improve your writing, your efficiency and your effectiveness in communicating. Check out our top ways to make … Continue reading

5 reasons why your blog post is terrible

I have a weird addiction to bad blog posts. They never fail to disappoint me, and I’m always left with a sense of dissatisfaction after reading them, but for some reason I just can’t stop. It’s easy to waste a … Continue reading

How to write a successful guest post pitch

Guest posts are one of the easiest ways to get a good, legitimate link from a high-quality website. Unfortunately, the downside is that it’s also become frequently used by spammers who will mass email website owners incessantly in the hope … Continue reading