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Your digital security may not be as strong as you think

Most of us grew up with a cell phone in hand and can’t remember life before the internet. We’re incredibly tech savvy and own a slew of digital devices: a smart phone, laptop, desktop, e-reader, or tablet. But our sense … Continue reading

How to install custom ringtones on an Android device

We’ve got something a little different today, aimed at all your open source geeks out there: a practical how-to guide on setting up customised ringtones on your Android smartphone. Read on to find out more…

Study: Users feel more secure with iOS devices

One huge – and probably mostly valid – argument tech analysts have against Android is its open platform, which is vulnerable to all kinds of malware. In a report published by McAfee, researchers have maintained that although no mobile phone … Continue reading

4 exciting new iPhone apps for April

Every week there are new buzz apps –apps which are competing for your time, money and attention. Here’s our four of the best for April. We’ve tried to include something for everyone!

Some learning techniques adopted by the present generation

Education is the essence of life and also the crux of life. With the rapid growth of technology, education is gaining momentum via the distance learning mechanism. Nowadays young people are using a lot of gadgets and devices like mobile … Continue reading

Capitalizing on mobile apps

The number of mobile apps available for consumers is staggering. With an average of 270 apps being brought to market every single day, the choices become absolutely mind boggling. Nearly 20 percent of those applications are books, with games following … Continue reading

Internet Usage

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The key advantages of online shopping

Do you remember the days before the internet? When you had to traipse around the High Street in search of that perfect gift? I must have covered miles, visiting every shop before panic buying useless gifts like a set of … Continue reading

The best free iPad apps for car lovers

Now, you can definitely enjoy the best of both worlds using your iPad. If you already own a car, there are lots of iPad applications to choose from. What’s even great is that some of these apps can be downloaded … Continue reading

The best iPhone apps for college students

If you want to make college life easier, it’s about time that you own one of the trendiest and most useful gadgets for students – the iPhone. The iPhone is popular not just for its entertainment function but also for … Continue reading