Social Media

Use Google Plus to streamline all your social media life

OK, I will admit it: I didn’t think Google Plus would catch on. In my defense, I was blinded by the many attempts by Google to break into the social media scene. Remember when they partnered with Friendster? Or Jaiku? … Continue reading

How to position yourself as an authority via social media

One of the biggest benefits of social media is that it’s relatively easy to position yourself as an authority figure. Being the go-to guy when people have a problem or question is a great way to get more recommendations, establish … Continue reading

How to overcome the challenges of Facebook cover photos

Facebook cover photos present a whole new challenge for web designers and Page owners alike. As well as being tied to a series of non-negotiable guidelines about what you can and can’t include on them, Facebook’s severe compression of images … Continue reading

5 ways to reach more people on Facebook for free

If you have a Facebook Page, you’ve probably seen the new option to buy more reach so your post is seen by more of your fans (and in some cases, their friends too). As well as causing confusion with Page … Continue reading

Is Google+ just another passing trend?

With new social media sites cropping up every day, people often wonder which ones will stick around and which ones are just trends that will end as quickly as they began. Although Facebook still reigns supreme in terms of popularity … Continue reading