Social Media

How to streamline your third party content sourcing

Today I’m going to share with you some ways to find great third party content faster and easier. Everyone wants a store of content ready to tweet, create list posts from, get inspiration from, etc. The hard part is sourcing … Continue reading

10 Reasons you should be using Social Media for business

You’ve probably heard that many businesses are using social media these days to up their sales and exposure. Whether you consider yourself to be ‘social media savvy’ or not, this is something you should be doing too, without question. If … Continue reading

The skills and qualities you need for professional social media

I recently spotted a forum thread asking about professional social media management, and it inspired me to put together a list of skills and qualities that you need to be able to do the job well. In addition to being … Continue reading

Essential techniques to extend your website’s social reach

Social Media is emerging as a remarkably useful platform for marketing, and an increasing number of companies are using it as part of their marketing strategy. And why not, there are huge numbers of people who make use of social … Continue reading

How to Reach Your Entire Fan Base on Facebook

According to statistics, the average post from a Facebook Page reaches around 16% of fans via their news feed, as is. This can be a large number of fans or only a few, depending on the current size of your … Continue reading