How your personality affects your SEO strategy…and vice versa

You have to be a particular type of person to take on SEO professionally…or do you? How many of the following traits do you recognize in yourself, and has your SEO affected your personality…or vice versa?

Why SEO is becoming a popular career choice

A bit of background Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been constantly evolving since the creation of the first search engine. Over time, and with the ever-increasing demand for improved website rankings, it’s not surprising that it has become a full … Continue reading

3 of the most controversial SEO myths

The problem with SEO is that a little knowledge is dangerous, and a little knowledge spreads quickly and turns into rumour and misconstrued statements. Suddenly everyone is parroting the same things and following the same (wrong!) advice. I’ve listed three … Continue reading

“CPM is how many?” – The beginner’s guide to SEO and web advertising acronyms

It’s incredibly intimidating when you start off working in SEO or paid search (or just researching the subject) to get your head round all of the acronyms. This post isn’t meant to be an exhaustive guide, but is supposed to … Continue reading

Deploying Google Keyword Tool For Internal Link Building

Keyword Tool Assists With Internal Linking Bringing innovative suggestions to webmasters and content developers across the globe, one may describe the Google AdWords Keyword Tool as the proverbial ‘Stock Market’ of literary proportions. From another’s angle, it can be the … Continue reading