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Since 2011 we’ve published hundreds of posts designed for both web professionals and hobbyists, so whether you’ve been around since the web first existed or you’re just starting your first website, we’ve got something for you. We tend to focus on tips and advice rather than news content, and we create everything from list-based posts to longer opinion pieces and guides.


We’re a small team based in the UK, and we code, design, write, optimise and promote for a living. We only write advice that we use ourselves, and we only publish unique, handwritten content from trusted web veterans. We do take a select number of guest posts, so if you’re interested in writing for Media Desk you can contact us here with a proposal. We get a lot of submissions so please don’t be offended if you don’t hear back from us – it’s probably that your suggestion wasn’t a good fit or is something we’ve already written about!

This blog started off as a kind of bookmarking site for our favourite links and tips, but it’s grown into a fully-fledged website in its own right. We have a pet hate of websites that paginate content unnecessarily or are crammed full of ads that slow browsing right now, so we’ve concentrated on keeping Media Desk easy to read, just like the web days of yore.


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