Gift ideas for web designers

If you’ve ever wondered what to buy a web designer for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays or other special occasions, look no further.

This list contains hundreds of geeky gift ideas for the designer or web developer in your life. We’ve deliberately selected lists that have a range of gift options to suit all kinds of budgets, so whether you’re planning to buy a cheap Secret Santa present or looking to make a high-end statement, we’ve got you covered. Of course, if you fancy some of these gifts for yourself – and who wouldn’t? – you can always add them to your own wishlist.

Gifts for designers

So, without further ado, here’s our pick of the best gift guides for designers. Note: While we don’t have any affiliate links of our own in this post, we can’t vouch for third party sites. Please check before buying if this concerns you.

Gifts for web designers

The 2015 Designer Gift Guide

What we like about it: Despite the ‘2015’ label, this guide is good for any year. It incorporates a good mix of potential presents directly related to designers (e.g. books), but also covers interesting other gifts like games.
Our pick: The neat ice kit. Perfect for parties.

20 Christmas gift ideas for web designers

What we like about it: It says ‘Christmas’ on the tin, but in fact all these gifts will work for absolutely any occasion. Not only that, but the vast majority of these gifts will work for any geek, not just web designers.
Our pick: Cooking For Geeks – a unique book that will satiate the curiosity of any web professional.

105 Amazing Gifts for Web Designers Handpicked From All Over The Web

What we like about it: Most of these ideas have a unique design twist likely to appeal to both web designers and graphic designers.
Our pick: Who could resist a set of Adobe themed cushions?

19 gifts for web designers

What we like about it: Creative Market’s list has a lot of unique suggestions you won’t see in any of the other lists we’ve included here.
Our pick: ‘Things to Do’ – a gorgeous to do list pad for any fan of typography.

Gifts for designers

20 Gift Ideas for Web Designers

What we like about it: There’s a good mix of cute, quirky, and serious present suggestions.
Our pick: The Little Printer. It’s so adorable!

Top 50 gifts for web designers

What we like about it: This is a huge list of thoughtful and interesting gifts for web designers.
Our pick: Bamboo iPad mini dock. It’s attractive and sustainable.

15 great last-minute gifts for web designers

What we like about it: You know you won’t be hanging around waiting for gifts to arrive.
Our pick: UI stencils…they’re very fun and very different.

Presents for web designers

What to buy web designers

With so much choice, where do you begin? What kinds of gifts do web designers typically like? In our experience, anything well-made with beautiful colour selections and attention to detail goes down well. It doesn’t have to be directly related to web design either; well-made games, interesting technology, and useful, attractive additions to home or office space all go down well.

Gifts for web designers tend to be a little more expensive on average than presents for most other professions, but you definitely get what you pay for. It’s worth investing a bit extra to make someone genuinely happy and go beyond the standard chocolate or alcohol-based gift. And don’t forget to take into account what you know about the specific person you’re buying for and their likes and dislikes too (!)

Tip: If you can afford to, we recommend buying several of these gifts at one time so you’re not scrabbling for something sub-par for the next occasion. Forward planning goes a long way when it comes to gift buying.

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