Creating an effective business video is an artform. When done properly, it can be a wonderful marketing technique. When it isn’t done properly, it can impact your reputation in a negative way. You obviously want to reap the rewards from creating effective business videos, so use these 7 tips before you shout, ‘action!’…

Give a Preview

By giving a preview of the scenes coming up in your video, this will hook the viewer. They’ll be way more likely to sit still for the duration of your video and find out what it’s all about.

Put Web Information at the Start

Lots of companies put their website information at the end of the video, but if you want your video to be most effective, you should put it at the start. Not everybody will stick around until the end, but they might just visit your website if they’re interested.

Use Humour Where Possible

Humour is one of the best tools you can use in a video to make it more interesting and engaging. Obviously you shouldn’t make it a total comedy show, but including the odd bit of humour here and there is a good idea. There is one exception; if you’re not funny. Be honest with yourself. If you’re no good at being funny or making jokes don’t try to be in your video.

Learn How to Edit Your Video

To end up with a high quality video worthy of posting on Youtube, you’ll need to edit it. There’s no way you’ll get every single thing right. Practice some effective editing techniques so you end up with videos that you can be proud of. You could even include some funny outtakes at the end!


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Don’t Make it too ‘Commercial’

Posting a video online that’s too commercial is a huge no-no. This video needs to be helpful, not going for the hard sell. People won’t watch your video past the first 5 seconds if they can see that you’re really trying to sell it to them. You can, however, introduce your customers for real social proof.

Introduce Your Staff

By introducing your staff to your viewers, you’ll show them that you’re human too, explain Vivid Photo Visual. They’ll be able to relate to you more. Let your viewers see just how dedicated passionate and committed you all are. People will be more likely to work with you once they’ve seen the faces behind your business.

Keep it Short and Sweet

You can make your videos varying lengths, but usually it’s best to keep them shorter. If you’re showing something quite simple, less than a minute could be sufficient. Sometimes, up to 2 minutes is enough. Don’t make people sit there for too long if they don’t have to.

The more consistent you are in making videos showing off products and tutorials, the more of a success they’ll be. They’ll help you to generate more leads and transform those leads into conversions. If you have any tips, feel free to leave them below. See you next time!

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