For far too many websites, the ‘About Us’ page is one of the first pages put together and then is never given another thought. But for new visitors to your site, it’s often the most important click they can make in beginning a long-term relationship with your online presence.

The Internet is an impersonal place, and in some ways that’s a good thing, but with a little extra effort, you can give your website a tad more of that human touch to make a personal connection with your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Below are some key concepts to consider incorporating into your “About Us” page:

Show Your Personality

We’re all quirky in our own way; don’t be afraid to show it. Don’t go crazy with silly minutia but if you have a fun workplace, show a picture of your company having fun at work. Of course there are limits, so unless you’re selling alcohol, you might want to shy away from pictures of “margarita night”.

Put A Face On Your Company

This doesn’t mean you need a mascot or a spokesperson, but a picture of a photogenic employee (or even the boss) smiling with a welcoming quote underneath can be a friendly surrogate for the firm handshake or friendly “hello” you might get when entering a brick & mortar store. Internet consumers may want to stay home to do their shopping, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel welcome when they visit your site.

Make It Pretty

Your website has a design and you should stay within it, but if there’s any place to break out of it a bit, it’s on your ‘About Us’ page. A little extra color might be nice, but some splashy photos of staff and your workplace will go a long way toward putting a human face on your business.

Tell Them ‘Why’

There’s a reason your company is doing what it’s doing – what is it? Unless it’s an epic tale, you should probably keep it simple. Whether it’s a hundred-year-old family business or a garage startup, sharing your back-story and your mission statement is an important part of building a relationship.

Set Yourself Apart

There are very few cornered markets on the Internet, so chances are you have competitors who are doing nearly the same thing you are. So, what makes you different? Better support? More return customers? Tying a little bow on every package that goes out? There is something about your business that is better than your competition, and this is a good place to highlight it. But of course you want to do it without implying that you have competition, so instead of saying, “We have much better customer support than those guys,” go with, “Our customer support is unrivaled.”

Highlight Your Strengths

Again, you are selling yourself as the place to shop for what you are selling. You know what you’re good at, and this is the place to spotlight those selling points. This isn’t where you would promote merchandise; you should probably stay away from mentioning specific products altogether. This is the place where you highlight what’s special about your company.

Keep It Slim And Tidy

There’s an irony to writing a blog post like this and then telling you that your “About Us” page should be much shorter than this article, but it should. Research shows that web surfers are often turned off by large blocks of text and will frequently either skim over it, or just click away not having read much other than a header or two. There’s always a lot to say, but spend some time in writing out everything you’d want to say if length weren’t a limitation. Then, go back over it and highlight the most important several points and concentrate on those.

Be Inspired

No two companies are identical so there’s no reason your ‘About Us’ page should look the same. However, that being said, there are probably some bits and pieces of other companies’ ‘About Us’ pages that can inspire what you’re trying to do. Definitely do not take their ideas and use them for yourself. Instead, look at the way things flow and how they make their case, and then consider how that can work better on your site.

In the end, the ‘About Us’ page is never going to be the most important page on your site. Yet, there’s a good chance that it’s the most important page that you aren’t paying any attention to. So, whether you are creating a new page, or just refreshing the one that’s been gathering cobwebs for years, it’s a project to take seriously. For many of your potential customers, the ‘About Us’ page is a real tangible link to the human side of your company.

Diana Gomez is the Marketing Coordinator at Lyoness America, where she is instrumental in the implementation of marketing and social media strategies for USA and Canada. Lyoness is an international shopping community and loyalty rewards program, where businesses and consumers benefit with free membership and money back with every purchase. Check out Lyoness on Facebook.

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