It’s nearly 2014, and plenty of you have been taking advantage of the bad weather and time off to tidy up your websites and get everything ready for the coming year.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a checklist for getting your spring cleaning started early. Simply bookmark this post or print the list and keep it to hand so you can check everything off for January.

New Year Web Checklist

  1. Make a list or spreadsheet of all your domains and websites.
  2. Note next to each which software, third party accounts (like Twitter or Google Analytics), and email accounts are associated with them.
  3. Back up all files and databases.
  4. Make all necessary core updates, remembering to back up first.
  5. Make all necessary theme and template updates.
  6. Make all necessary plugin and extension updates.
  7. Create a list for each site with your plans for the coming year.
  8. Create a snag/update list for each site.
  9. Go through your inbox and delete/organise emails.
  10. Go through less-used email folders and delete emails/folders you don’t need.
  11. Make a list of specific goals for the coming year.
  12. Make a list of potential projects for the coming year.
  13. Create (or update) a spreadsheet of contacts and note any opportunities for reaching out.
  14. Organise any paperwork associated with your websites or projects, especially receipts, and file away.
  15. Review all your domains and hosting to check expiry and renewals.
  16. Make a list of potential domain names to buy/source for 2014.
  17. Copy all completed projects and files you no longer need to cloud/external hard drive storage, then archive away or delete from your computer.
  18. Update your feed reader and catch up on any articles.
  19. Organise your bookmarks.
  20. Organise your open tabs and bookmark/read/remove/make notes accordingly.
  21. Create a list of anything you’re short of or planning to buy, for example design resources.

Once you’ve finished going through the points above, you should have a neat stack of paperwork, a few key lists to keep you organised for the next few months, and a sense of relief that you’re all ready for 2014. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth repeating every year (or every six months if you can!) to ensure you keep on top of everything. And of course, back ups and security updates should be much more frequent across the year.

Enjoy 2014!

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