Most of us grew up with a cell phone in hand and can’t remember life before the internet. We’re incredibly tech savvy and own a slew of digital devices: a smart phone, laptop, desktop, e-reader, or tablet. But our sense of digital prowess may be lulling us into a false sense of security.

Internet attacks were up 42% in 2012, while the number one password was “password.” That’s not a good combination and it points to a huge lack of know-how when it comes to digital security.

But how do you beef up our online security and where do you start? You already trash email spam and never download attachments from unknown senders, so what else is there? You can start by identifying holes in your digital security by taking the quiz below, made by SimpliSafe.

As you scroll, the quiz will take you through a series of questions about your digital security habits. For example, one question is “Do you have remote swipe set up for your mobile devices?” If you answer “no,” The quiz will explain what remote swipe is and it’s an important security feature; the quiz will also direct you to more detailed resources that will teach you how to implement remote swipe. With all of your technical know-how you can probably breeze through the tips in this quiz and start protecting your personal information online and on your devices!

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