One huge – and probably mostly valid – argument tech analysts have against Android is its open platform, which is vulnerable to all kinds of malware. In a report published by McAfee, researchers have maintained that although no mobile phone is completely protected from threats of malware; iPhone’s record is by far the most exemplary. The report elaborates that iPhone is by far the most secured platform, at least in the case of handsets which have not been jailbroken.

Reasons behind iOS security

Research analysts have elucidated in the report that Apple has taken strict measures to restrict download of random apps in Apple gadgets. There are only two means through which Apple users can download apps in their gadgets; Apple App Store and Mobile Device Management.

The App Store of Apple is a tightly secured market, which allows apps from selected app developers making the platform extremely secure and safe. Mobile Device Management is specifically made for IT departments, which enables them to control every device in the organization that runs on iOS. However, Mobile Device Management requires permission from Apple to monitor and control Apple devices in their organizations. These strict measures make it very difficult for the employers to install spy call software or call tracking software in iOS devices of their employees.

Risks with Android devices

Android users have always complained of security issues when it comes to Android spy software and Android monitoring software app. The major reason for this insecurity is Google’s approach towards its apps development and access. Google is an open platform. We must have heard this statement quite often from its users; but what makes it so vulnerable? An open platform is such that allows developers from all sources to post their apps. This way user can download apps from the third party source, without knowing its credibility and level of security. Although Google keeps a check on Android Market, but its leniency with the apps makes it more susceptible to the threat of malicious malware out there in the market.

The report further added that Android carries more risks due to its operating system that works in phases, which allows the smartphone users to make changes to the security features of Google’s main source. The drawback to this approach is that due to the changes made it takes time for the software updates to reach the OS user as they have to be customized for different users.

What made Android platform riskier is the fact that it’s an open source, which makes it easier for the miscreants to penetrate the device with malicious malware through the app stores.

Combating malware

The McAfee report also highlighted the difference approaches adopted by both platforms to fight malware threats. Apple believes that “prevention is better than cure” and works on to make its software secured from any attack. However, Google behaves in a more reactive way; that is it takes actions after the malware has hit the device. Google’s main objective is to generate as many apps as it could to attract more users; even compromising its security.

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  1. Obscurity is best form of security, that’s what guys at apple believe, i think.
    And the reverse follows for Google which have made the android platform Open Source

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