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We came across UploadThingy quite by chance a few weeks ago and earmarked it to try it out at a later point. To be honest I don’t know why we waited quite so long, because UploadThingy is fantastic.

If you’re a designer, a photographer, or any other kind of web creative, chances are you’ll need to receive (or send) large files at some point. Email is limiting in terms of file size and can get very messy in terms of organisation, especially if you work as part of a team. Explaining to clients about cloud storage is generally a ‘Don’t even go there’ scenario, whether it’s because of technical abilities or company policies or general ‘They’re spying on us!’ paranoia. (Really, we could write an article just on that subject).

That’s where UploadThingy comes in. For us, the biggest advantages are:

  • It’s easy to use – just copy and paste the code and upload to one of your website’s pages
  • You can customise it – UploadThingy has a ton of useful documentation and a video, but it’s super easy to use anyway.
  • Your clients and colleagues are sending files to the right place – the problem of emailing the wrong person is generally avoided.
  • The obvious benefit – the convenience of being able to accept large files straight from your website.
  • It’s scalable if you work in a big team or want to go corporate.
  • It can easily be branded to match your website.

Best of all, it just looks like a simple form, so whether you’re asking clients for inspirational images or sending files to a sister company, it can be adapted to your purpose. Here’s a screenshot of UploadThingy after we just set it up – it literally takes a second to get set up and running:

There are so many services out there that we all use on a daily basis already that it’s refreshing to not have to sign up to yet another thing that sends us emails all the time and has complicated randomly generated PINs and passwords and secret questions and all that other time-consuming stuff. UploadThingy just works. From your website. Job done.

We could wax lyrical about UploadThingy all day; quite frankly we’re surprised that no one’s told us about it before! We’ll follow up this review with another post a few months down the line to update you on our views when we’ve had a bit more chance to get to know it. Frankly though, first impressions are looking very positive, and we’d recommend trying it out now – you have a lot of lost time to make up!

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  1. Roger White says:

    Thanks for the tip, you seem to really, really, really like this programme so I will definitely be looking into it later.

  2. UploadThingy Looks really good for a typical users. I will definitely try out this plugin.

    Thank you

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