Every week there are new buzz apps –apps which are competing for your time, money and attention. Here’s our four of the best for April. We’ve tried to include something for everyone!

Sketch Nation Studio

This app allows you to build your own games, which you can go on to sell on the app store itself. You can draw elements of the game in the app, or on paper and scan them into the app using the camera’s phone. The publisher Engineous Games promises to officially release the best games, and will give the creator 50% of the revenues after Apple takes its initial 30% cut. Take advantage of this opportunity once you’ve looked at some iPhone 4 deals.


If you didn’t already know, Brittanica have decided to pack up their paper publishing operations and move into purely online content publishing. Having ceded a lot of ground to user-edited Wikis like Wikipedia over the past ten years, Brittanica are now going to try and attract people to a revamped, digital Brittanica brand. It’s free to download and thereon will cost you a £1.99 monthly subscription to carry on receiving access.


Do you have a bunch of old CDs, DVDs and games just lying around? Put off by the insertion prices on eBay and similar sites? MusicMagpie is a new app that makes selling your old stuff really, really easy. Just scan your items barcode in and check out the price – you can pop your old stuff in the post to them and away you go. You don’t even have to pay the postage.

Collins Dictionary

Another very educational app to have on your iPhone. The app version of the classic Collins Dictionary offers the 10,000 ‘most useful’ words, as well as the 2,000 ‘most useful’ phrases. Each word also have an audio track in English, French and Spanish. You can also pin your most used categories to your homescreen.
Did you know that the most popular iphone 4 app of all time is…Angry Birds? OK, so you probably did. If you already have Angry Birds it’s a great gateway into a whole world of exciting apps. There are now 25 billion iOS apps in Apple’s repertoire. Face it – you’re never, ever going to get bored again.

3 Responses to 4 exciting new iPhone apps for April

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on these apps. The one that’s new to me is Sketch Nation Studio — always wanted to try my hand at games but didn’t know enough programming. This sounds like a promising alternative for non-programmers like me.

  2. Wow! A wonderful list of iPhone applications. I would like to have musicMagpie and I’m going to install it right away. I have a good and vast collection of all Michael Jackson albums. I’m crazy about music have now this habit will benefit me as I can sell them on eBay easily through this app.

  3. Dan says:

    The ability to make your own games on the iPhone sounds great and definitely is exciting 🙂 I do wonder how good these games will actually be, though.

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