If you want to make college life easier, it’s about time that you own one of the trendiest and most useful gadgets for students – the iPhone.

The iPhone is popular not just for its entertainment function but also for the numerous applications that come with it. Here are some of the best iPhone apps for college students like you:

1. myHomework: Of course, college life will be full of homework. So if you want to stay organized and on top of everything, you better try the app myHomework. This app enables you to easily view your homework, projects, and yes, even your tasks and schedule. With myHomework, you will always be reminded of deadlines coming so that you won’t forget important tasks. In fact, it’s also accessible online, making it convenient for you to access via your computer anytime, anywhere. This app will alert you through notifications, time, and even block your daily schedule as it goes with a calendar display.

2. Sparky: Familiar with Sparknotes? Now, you can use that with your iPhone through this app. It’s a very convenient tool for students which can help you in your studies. Sparky will let you browse various works of literature available at SparkNotes.com. The site allows users to access overview, plot summaries, and analysis, which are all formatted for your convenience.

3. Evernote: This app allows users to add, synchronize, access, and share files from Word to PDF and even Excel formats. This way, you will constantly be updated with your tasks, homework, and projects. Evernote can also be easily synchronized from your iPhone to Windows or Mac to give you easy access. You can even use this app to create photos, audio, and texts.

4. Mathemagics Lite. Solving mathematical problems will be an easy task with the help of this app. Mathemagics Lite serves as your portable math tutor so that you can do your math homework minus the hassle.

5. Word of the Day Lite. If you want to strengthen your language and vocabulary skills, why not try this app? Word of the Day Lite shows you a new word plus its definition so that you get to know a new word every day. There’s a free version which you can download online.

As you can see, there are some great iPhone apps out there for college students looking to take full advantage of their phone.

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  1. Using your iPhone as a learning tool is just another example of how tech savvy we’re becoming. My favourite app by far is Evernote as it allows you to search for particular text within pictures. It’s a great way to arrange notes and essay ideas on the go and access them anywhere later on.

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