There are many common misconceptions about freelance writing. Many writers decide to start working freelance jobs because they like the idea of getting paid for their work. Indeed, it is hard not to get excited about the idea that people find what you have to say valuable enough to pay you for it—this is almost every writer’s dream.

For this reason, when many writers begin freelancing they expect to make money off of their deepest thoughts and most original ideas. However, they quickly discover that most clients are not looking for deep thinking or wildly creative style—they are looking for clear and concise content designed for the average reader.

Many writers get discouraged upon discovering this. Unfortunately, it is simply the way of the business world, and you will find it much easier to find work if you are able to write according to specific clients’ needs, at least until you are able to build a solid reputation as a writer. Even then, finding a market for your favorite pieces of writing can be difficult.

Therefore it is best for you as a writer to become accustomed to being flexible in your style and subjects. This is one of the hardest parts about freelance work for many writers, but it is essential to your success. If you are having trouble landing your first job or finding consistent freelance writing work, consider forcing yourself to do a bit of practice research and writing on a topic you are not very familiar with. This will help you to expand your portfolio and develop your skills.

Picking a topic to focus on when developing your writing is not something that should be done at random. It is a good idea to spend some time doing research on what topics clients are most commonly interested in. For example, weight loss is a very profitable topic to write about, because it is a very popular topic, and articles, blogs, and books on the subject typically generate a lot of web traffic and sales. On the other hand, very few people read about Alaskan homesteading, so making money writing on this subject would be far more difficult.

Once you have decided on a niche or two to dedicate yourself to, it is time to start writing. If you are having trouble getting started or aren’t sure whether your style is appropriate, do a quick web search for your topic and take a look at the top hits. Pay attention to the way the content addresses the reader and organizes information—your goal should be to emulate the styles and structures you find, as they have clearly proven successful to the writer.
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    It is actually great that there are so many opportunities to make money online via selling brands, services and by doing a lot of others stuff like writing, blogging etc etc. The author has actually thrown light on some important aspects of writing. That’s great. In short, a writer needs to be versatile, creative and unique to succeed in article marketing.

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