Getting a personal custom logo design for your website is one of the many methods that distinguishes your site from the rest of the websites on the Internet. Many webmasters underestimate the worth of logos and they don’t place any logos on their sites as they wrongly assume that they have only a small business web, so they don’t require any brand identity. The fact is that regardless of the size of any business, a logo design is essential as it grows the business in many ways. They are easily recognizable and memorable, and they have the potential to attract more consumers. Let us see how you can make a logo effective.

Colour of a logo

Many professional logo designers, who have been working in logo designing for decades, recommend that the logos should use as few colours as possible. Of course in some cases you could consider some exceptions, but still you should follow this recommendation as much as possible. Not just focus your eyes on the logo but also its overall design such as its background and surrounding. Think for a while whether or not the colour will blend with the background and the surrounding area.

Description of the logo

Description of a logo is also the important factor that greatly influences its effectiveness. If you want a logo to be highly effectively, then focus on its description and craft in such a way that consumers can easily remember it forever. For that purpose you could analyze the logos of your competitor websites and see how well or poorly they are made. Gather some ideas before you start the designing or ordering it to a designing firm. In order to check whether a logo is easily describable, gather some viewers and ask them to describe your logo. If they couldn’t describe your logo easily, it means then that you should consider reconstructing your logo.


Always keep your logo flexible. It means that it should be scalable enough to easily place it either on big banners, small visiting cards, etc.

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This is a guest post written by Alex John who works for custom logo design and banner ad design company.

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  1. Thanks, Alex, for this post. Succinct and to the point.
    As you pointed out: What I believe to be of extreme importance is researching the logos of your competitors – something that is very often overlooked.

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