If you’ve reached this page, you are probably on train to organizing a large-scale event. With so many aspects to consider, such as guest reception, location management, hiring the appropriate technology or figuring out what kind of awards to give out, or what your goody bags should contain, it’s easy to lose track of things. Especially if you’re just starting out in the business, it can all get very overwhelming, in no time at all. At this stage, it is important to note that hiring event staff to help out with the simpler, yet pivotal aspects of guest interaction, is always an option. Whether or not you actually decide to employ the aid of a professional staff agency or recruit helpers in-house is entirely up to you. In what
follows, we have highlighted three types of events for which you will surely need all the help you can get, as well as specific tasks that will require additional human presence. After all, the key to organizing the perfect, memorable event that you’re aiming for is to be prepared for all situations.

1. Major Conferences

As hundreds of guests start to pour in through the doors of the convention center or hotel, even the most experienced event organizer is likely to panic and understandably so. In order for your guests to feel welcome and appreciated, it is essential that someone meets and greets them at the venue. If you have guests coming in from abroad or out of town, delegate the task of airport or coach transfers and
pick-up. For more high-end events, event staff specially assigned to baggage drops is often recommended. Also, if you have put up information desks throughout the venue, remember these, too, must be manned at all times. Should the conference include an award ceremony, on-stage assistance to the gala’s hosts add an extra professional touch to the entire affair.

2. Fast-Paced Exhibitions

Exhibitions, especially those who also include a commercial aspect, require you to promote your brand and pitch its qualities to the best of your abilities. However, all other participants are there for the exact same purpose. Hiring event staff might help you present your message in a coherent, professional manner. In any case, you will need to streamline a multi-task process, which involves recording data, distributing brand literature and raising brand awareness. Brand ambassadors with a positive, pro-active attitude enhance the experience for the visitors and also have the potential to really drive that sales pitch home and make your brand stand out.

3. Sporting Events

Major sporting events, the kind that take place once a year, will bring together a large number of public figures and other key players on the sports scene. Since this industry is one in which egos tend to run rather high, the essential element to successfully organizing this type of event is to make each and every single guest feel special. Hire someone to see each invitee to their table and serve drinks in a professional manner. Event staff with a driver’s license can assist you in transferring your guests to and from the airport.

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