While the news is always abuzz with Facebook and Twitter related stories, for many of us seasoned users of the web Tumblr was totally flown under the radar. It’s not a platform we should instantly dismiss though, as the website is now in the top 50 most popular online properties on the planet.

The site itself is an interesting mix of micro blogging and social network, where users can “like” or “reblog” your content with the click of a button if they enjoy it. Reblogging can potentially lead to hundreds or even thousands of people featuring your content on their websites, which can provide a significant viral boost to your content. This boost can be especially useful if you’re selling something that appeals to an entertainment based audience (funny t-shirts etc), which is what Tumblr primarily consists of. The reblogged content is within quote tags, so it’s thought that it doesn’t count as duplicate content. Some Tumblr sites actually rank pretty well in google for fairly popular keyword terms.

Within the Tumblr environment you can set up a custom domain, use various template designs or create your own, and gain followers should people find your content to be worthwhile. From a personal perspective, I’ve found my experience with Tumblr to be much more worthwhile than Twitter, and on a par with Facebook for social marketing. In fact the three can be used well together, with Tumblr offering a good opportunity to filter visitors through to Twitter, Facebook Pages and/or your main site if you’re using Tumblr as a side blog, which is frequently the case.

It’s of course useful to know your audience. If you want to truly exploit the viral capacity of Tumblr, know that the site has a largely teen to twenty something audience, predominantly interested in entertainment based, visual content. Funny sites, such as funny pictures, funny quotes and so on are going to draw people in, whereas vast blocks of text most likely won’t. That said, others are starting to branch out into Tumblr territory, with big names such as Newsweek, GQ and Vanity Fair eager to tap into the 250 million+ page views a day that Tumblr receives. Various celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Britney Spears also have blogs on the platform. Even the official Barack Obama 2012 re-election campaign uses Tumblr as a part of their social media strategy. Having a presence on the network is proving to be a wise move for many individuals and businesses.
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The author is the owner of various entertainment based sites covering covering topics such as funny pictures (site page examples: funny facebook status, funny pics) and humour clips, and has a passion for exploring online platforms and viral content.

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  1. We’ve had great success using Tumblr sites for SEO purposes as well. The content always seems to get indexed quickly, and the platform is extremely user friendly. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to feature their content on different Web 2.0 sites.

  2. Mike says:

    With the lack of support and mind numbing changes at Squidoo, I have begun relying solely on Hubpages for my Web 2.0 traffic. I highly recommend creating Hubs to drive targeted traffic to your website…

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