For those of you that do not know, is a service that allows you to check your content to see if it is 100% genuine, and that all of the article or parts of it are not in use on any other website. This is a website that is widely in use by even the biggest of companies on the Internet today. However, what are the pros and cons to using Copyscape for your business, and just why is it so popular?

Using Copyscape to protect your websites content is essential. Without Copyscape, searches for websites that use your content would be a drawn out process with often unrewarding results, however, with Copyscape, searches take seconds and will tell you the results within seconds. This allows you to work on your website without the worry that your content is being plagiarised. Copyscape even offers free banners that advertise that you use Copyscape to hunt down plagiarisers; therefore, this acts as a deterrent to potential content thieves.

Using Copyscape gives you the ability to check articles to see if they are 100% real, or remain un-plagiarised. For content buyers that purchase articles from writers, this ensures that there will be no resulting legal action from websites who have had their content stolen through no fault of your own; therefore, this takes an enormous weight off of your shoulders. It also makes sure your articles do not seem cheap and ‘second rate, for example, if you went onto two different websites and found that both of them used the same content, then your respect for both companies would lower somewhat. For site owners, the detailed site search ensures that nobody has stolen your content, which offers you peace of mind. This is a feature you can use on a daily basis, free of charge.

Independent tests and a group of specialist researches have ranked Copyscape number one in its field. This means that you know when you use Copyscape you are using the best software available to you on the Internet.

Copyscape is one of the easiest pieces of software to use on the Internet. It is as straightforward as copying and pasting to check for plagiarism in articles, or entering your domain name by typing the domain itself to see that your content has not been plagiarised. If your search returns no results then it will let you know, however, if it does return some results then there is a button which will take you directly through to the website in question, where you can have a look at the article in more detail. This means regardless of your knowledge of the Internet, or how plagiarism affects articles, Copyscape makes it effortless.

Batch Searching is hugely beneficial to individuals that have more than one website. This feature allows you to search multiple websites in one go, and you can continue working while the feature processes all of the information. At the end of the search, Copyscape will send you can email with details of the search. You can also integrate Copyscape into your websites CMS, (content management system) to check that all of your new articles are not plagiarised; this saves you the effort of manually checking your articles in the search feature of Copyscape.

Past the software itself, the Copyscape website also offers invaluable information. Including what to do in the instance that you find that your content has been plagiarised, a forum where other users offer some terrific advice, and the banners (as mentioned before) which allow you to deter potential theft.

The only real downfall to Copyscape Premium is it costs a small amount of money per search. Checking your website, to check to see if your content has been plagiarised is free, anything else costs a small amount of money. Searching new articles costs 5 cents a search. Now this does not accumulate too much, but if you use Copyscape to check content from writers, and you have a vast amount of content uploaded on a daily basis (say 200 submissions to various websites) then using Copyscape will cost you $10 a day, $70 a week, $280 a month and so on. However, this is a minor point; the benefits to this service hugely outweigh the costs. The likelihood is if you do have websites that require around 200 articles on a daily basis, then you can afford to shell out $10!

The reality is that with Copyscape in circulation, plagiarisers will not use original content for their benefit because they know the chances of being caught have increased hugely since the introduction of Copyscape. However, before websites where at much more threat because it was much harder to find plagiarisers, which made your website appear second rate, even though all of your content was original.
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