Negative reviews can make or break a business. Negative reviews about your business can harm its reputation while at the same time leaving you feeling angry and disorganized. For that reason, it’s essential that you know how to deal with negative reviews about your business.

Believer it or not, getting negative reviews is part of a normal business cycle. Every company regardless size has suffered from negative reviews especially from those posted over the Internet – the key is, successful companies know how to deal with negative reviews.

Below are several tips that can help you deal with negative reviews.

Tip 1: Find out if it’s true or not

The first and foremost thing that you should do when a negative review about your business is posted online is to find out if it’s really true or not. Needless to say, there are unethical business firms that simply post negative reviews after another about their competitors’ products and services.

Tip 2: Don’t be a bully – be polite yet direct

When you’re confronting a reviewer who posted a negative review about your business, it’s important to be polite and compassionate. You represent your business thus, you need to speak and act on a diplomatic manner.

Being a bully will only add more damaged to your business’ reputation. Don’t fuel the fire, finding a genuine solution is the better answer.

Tip 3: In some situations, it’s alright to admit mistakes

Nobody is perfect that’s why it’s just alright to admit it if you really committed the mistake or mishandled a complained against your business. Admitting your mistakes is a classy act that could minimize the negative effects of your oversight.

Tip 4: Figure out what went wrong

Before providing any solution, you should first figure out what exactly went wrong. Try to find out what’s the real root cause of the problem or misunderstanding so that you can fix it and avoid it in the future.

Tip 5: It’s not personal, so don’t make it personal

Negative reviews aren’t personal unless the reviewer says so – and it’s rare for reviewers to say so. Hence, as much as possible, you should try to discredit the false accusation (if it’s false) and try to offer a solution to the problem – not attack the person.

Tip 6: Try getting positive reviews

Nothing beats a negative review better than a positive review. In fact, it’s easier to influence a person to buy with the help of a positive review than to influence that same person not to buy with the help of a negative review.

Tip 7: Reassess your business practices and methods

Looking from a different perspective, negative reviews are just cloaked with negativity. Negative reviews can actually fuel your business to improve its practices and methods.

Tip 8: Respond to each person’s concern

Responding to each person’s concern is vital. It’s a true sign of excellent customer service. If a negative review has been posted about your business online chances are, many disgruntled customers will follow the lead and by posting comments – thus, you need to be prepared.

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This is a guest post by Suzzane Edwards who is a financial advisor and currently works as a consultant for small businesses. When she’s not writing for the Cash for Gold official website and Cash for Gold Industry, she could be found blogging about simple tips on how people could take advantage of the internet’s numerous business opportunities.

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  1. Yes, it is very very important to determine whether the review is true or not. Many times its your competitors who try to defame your reputation in the industry. The tip is to contact them, and ask them for their log in details with your business and offer them a refund provided that they have registered with you. This way you would be able to track the worth of the review.

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