Good PSDs and vectors are notoriously difficult to find for free, so we’ve done some digging for you and hauled out some of the best. Whilst not all are strictly free, requiring sign up or mixing free and paid images, there’s a nice list here that you can refer back to as needed.


It’s official: ‘click here’ isn’t a phrase you want to use on the web any more.

If you’re an SEO and/or accessibility advocate, this is just parrotting what you’ve known for years: that generic terms like ‘click here’ aren’t helpful to search engines, or to users with disabilities browsing the internet. But now ‘click here’ doesn’t even literally make sense. With more than half the UK’s internet use coming from mobile users in 2013 (source), your visitors are tapping, swiping and scrolling their way through the web like never before.


Launching a new brand is the single most difficult thing to get right in the business world. While you might think that gaining investment was tough, just wait until you start trying to promote and market your company. There are so many things you can get wrong that the chances of everything going smoothly are very slim. Even so; there is a lot you can do to improve your chances. We’ve compiled a few tips that should help you along the way.


The world of marketing and communications is full of clichés, which is why a lot of marketing people spend time trying to come up with new and exciting concepts to keep their audience interested.

The result of this is that new words are created to describe these new concepts or theories on what seems like a daily basis. It is then when crimes against the English language occurs.

I’ve compiled some of the most nonsensical, inane and cringe-worthy examples here, but please feel free to vent your spleen with any more in the comments below.

Let’s play buzzword bingo!